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Growing up as a kid was pretty cool since we had three different cultures in our household.  Not only did we have different cultures but recently found out going thru my moms things that my dad was a Golden Glove Trainer in Cuba his native land and also a Music Conductor  besides being handbag designer. In which, I still have one of his designs that he never got to make and a fur handbag which I still haven’t purchased the right shoes for . we were raised in a Cuban home with all that good food I actually learned from my dad how to cook the Cuban Food.
After, my dad passed away alone the years that’s when my mom meet my stepdad in which his native land Bonce, Puerto Rico and that’s were I learn how to cook Puerto Rican food as well.
And with my mom I learned how to cook just a few simple Colombian dishes. When i was younger my real dad use to go to La Marketa in NYC and bring all our meats and produce from there. I’m telling you my dad use to come home with the weirdest meats sometimes that i never ate them till this day.  So he use to do mostly all the cooking especially all the Cuban food.
Then when my mom remarried to my Puerto Rican Dad that’s were he taught me how to make all those Puerto Rican dishes i love.  He would be proud of me now because i finally recently learned how to make alcapurias which is grated casava(yuca) and then stuffed with meat but, I use turkey meat instead of red meat.
So know I m taking all my Latin dishes and trying to convert them into healthy dishes with simple swaps. And also adding my healthy dishes as well.

Since I had to take care of my mom when she became ill. I started seeing all the different types of medication that she had to take to just to function.  I tried everything in my power for her to eat healthy but she wasn’t having it. Her thing was im old and if im going to die I want to eat what I like no mind you she was already in her early 70.  And unfortunate to say that the day before she passed i made a healthy dinner like always and this time she ate her veggies but apparently it was to late the next morning my mom had passed away.
So ever since that day I swore that i would stay away from any kind of medications  and processed foods. From all the stress  I did develop High Blood Pressure but its under control now and im eating clean and healthy and lowering my weight so that I can come of the high blood pressure medication. I’m also getting help from my nutritionist on how to eat the right way.  And from what Ive learned its a balance and portion control that we have to maintain with our foods that’s all and home cooked is always best.  We have to stop going for those fast fixed meals that are full of salt, preservatives and names of chemicals you cant ever pronounce. I see it this way if there is an ingredient in your food you can pronounce or say you probable shouldn’t be eating it.





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