Scallops in Lemon Butter Sauce


8 Scalops

1 whole Lemon

1Tablespoon of olive oil

Rind from the whole lemon

Juice of the whole lemon

2 table spoons of butter

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Italian Breakfast

Italian Breakfast

This dish is a recipe inspired by a great guy I meet last summer of 2013 and he showed me how to make this dish.

It is a great appetizer for any party, brunch or even; if you have unexpected visitors that pop in from time to time, or a late snack.



1-2 Jars of your favorite Marinara Sauce or (homemade is best)
8 – Eggs
Mozzarella Cheese (low fat preferable)
Salt & Pepper
Your favorite Italian or French bread


In a glass Pyrex dish pour your marinara sauce to make your first layer. Take your eggs and make a layer without breaking the yolks.
Place Salt and Pepper (to taste) on the eggs.
Place in the oven for about 30 to 45 min until the eggs are cooked.
Once you have that done remove from oven carefully and place on a trivet remember be careful glass dish is hot).
Next step : Once your dish is out your going to sprinkle it with the your Fat Free Mozzarella cheese put back in the oven until the cheese is golden brown about

Here you go! A dish that is delicious and fast. Enjoy!



The Mambo Queens Veggie and Chicken Soup


  Veggie and Chicken Soup


2-lbs of chicken cutlet (cut into cubes)

1- carrot

1/2 green pepper

2- celery stalks


4- cloves of garlic


1- green plantain

1- yellow sweet plantain

4 – pcs of yuca (casava)

1/2 Cabbage

1- sweet potatoes

2- red potatoes

1-small can of mixed veggies or sweet peas and carrots your choice

8- cups of low Sodium Chicken Broth/stock or Veggie Broth/Stock

1- bunch of asparagus cut in half ( make sure you cut the stems by an 1-in 1/2 which is the bitter part and discard)


In a stock pot you saute onions, celery, carrots, garlic, green peppers and cylantro

when you have all the basic ingredents saute add the chicken.  In a bowl your going to put all your veggies that your going to add to your soup and leave them soaking in cold water until there ready to be added to soup.

Once you have sauted the first ingredients add your broth or stock and little by little add the veggies leaving the sweet potatoes and asparagus for last cause they cook faster and then they will get to tender.


 this is what the pot will look like when all your ingredients are added. Cook untill all your veggies are tender.