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Born in SA, 1958 Estela Nena_MBQ was born in Barranquilla, Colombia an430466_10150657290554396_272331991_nd grew up in Union City, NJ.

I have a long background in music promotion and the recording industry, beginning from my earliest days with my father who was a music conductor from Cuba and whom I recently found out was also a Golden Glove Boxing Trainer in his mother country of Havana, Cuba.

My years with RMM Records, I was working with Ralph Mercado whom saw me doing projects with artists such as Mark Anthony, Tito Nieves, Jose Alberto El Canario and Celia Cruz as well as working in the booking division alongside Juan Toro and DJ Johnny Falcones ( aka “Baby Drac”).

I still keep my fingers on the pulse of current dance music trends which are very active in the U.S., club promotions and the special events scene. I pride myself on audience outreach and promoting my  current projects by utilizing news and social media to the fullest extent in today’s new media landscape.

I joined forces with Felipe Rose in the summer of 2012 on One Voice South Africa Radio which later became One Voice Radio. (Graphic Designer and Social Networking Producer) with my own segment The Mambo Queens Corner.)

I have taken this venture a step further, since I have that passion for cooking as well, I decided that I would write my own Cookbook also making homemade comfort foods which I learned from my  parents, but with a healthier twist. In the long run comfort food is the best, but why not modify it and make it healthier?

In 2013 I was flown to Las Vegas as Pitbull’s special guest for one of  his concerts. It was a very pleasant experience to find myself once again surrounded of VIP, (very important people).

It is for me an honor to share with all my friends my passion of cookinig

Nelz Bio


was born in Manhattan, NY to Puerto Rican parents and raised in the beautiful Island of Puerto Rico. Spent most of my life within all kinds of Latin beats but always loved all kinds of music because it was in my blood. All I had to do was hear a beat and my body would just move on its own, therefore as soon as I was of age the night life caught all my attention. I’m the proud mother of five and a grandmother to 12 beautiful kids. My youngest son is the vocalist of a heavy metal band,(Saint Avarice) which is rising in the metal industry. Goes to show the music runs in our lives….. After changing my life and making sure my children are all men and women, I decided to go on into the night life to enjoy the life that God has given me. I met Estela almost 20 years ago when she was doing her thing in the music business with very famous people, and being the great brain that she is in the music business, recently asked me to get involved in club and DJ grading which compiled my two passions, the music and the entertainment; we don’t want to leave alone the critics….I’m a very good one. I do have a job during the week, and now I have a job and a responsibility on my weekend nights……and it is to bring you all my best advice on and


Anna’s Bio 

I’m not your typical white girl, although I was born in Manhattan, raised in Astoria and have since moved to Jersey. I enjoy the nightlife as much as Estela does. My “reason for everything,” is my 2-year-old daughter Luana-Izabella, I’m a mixed breed: My mother from Brazil and my father from Belgium. My father as my inspiration has worked in nightclubs much of his life. I have an identical twin and a  younger sister.

“I know a good spot when I see one,” “I love everything that has to do with food and music. I personally feel that with the beat of the night our soul comes alive.”

Five years ago, I meet  Estela, whom I call “the hippest, craziest woman I have yet meet…. always full of life and always ready for a good time, something that we both have in common.”

Like we say, “We have the passion for whatever I do.”




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